Truth & Transformation


October 12, 2020 Kirsty Dee Season 1 Episode 16
Truth & Transformation
Show Notes

Let's talk about comparison, competing, the fear of being copied or copying. The originality myth. There is no competition, there is only one you. We can't miss anything that's meant for us. I see this fear a lot. The fear of being copied and them doing it better or losing to another. Or the fear of copying another but the truth is nobody can copy the way you do it and you can't copy the way another does it either. It will always turn out different. Whoever is aligned for you won't miss it. It comes down to us truly being ourselves and knowing we are enough. Believing in ourselves. No need to compete or compare. Us believing there is more than enough to go around. 

I've been copied and you probably have too, but if you believe in abundance and that you'll be okay (because you have got yourself) and that there is enough to go around then these things just don't take us down or cause us to go into fear. It comes down to us building up our own confidence and trusting things will work out for us. An abundance mindset over a lack mindset. 

Sometimes we have to get over ourselves. Ideas aren't your property. They are from the divine. We are so attached to things that when we leave we can't take with us. They aren't ours. Ideas come through you but not for you exclusively. It's simply whether you decide to run with them or not. If you keep seeing something you wanna do, it's probably a sign to do just that. Not that it's already been done so you can't. That's a lie. That's fear of there isn't enough to go around. Never let fear drive, if you want something let that lead always. 

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Truth & Transformation is an unpolished raw podcast about unearthing the crap that holds us back. Aimed at women who want it all and wanna feel damn good about themselves. We will talk openly about struggles, the highs and lows of life, sex, family, relationships, emotions, healing, mindset, dreams, spirituality, bisexuality, vulnerability, authenticity, money and so much more – in fact, nothing is really off the table. If it’s holding you back from the life you want we will talk about it.

If you wanna feel damn good we need to talk about the real stuff so that’s what we are doing here.

I believe when we love ourselves our life really transforms in the most beautiful ways and when we don’t love ourselves we don’t feel enough or fulfilled. This is a podcast to bridge the gap.

It’s a podcast about feeling good about you, living life in your truth, on your terms.

I'm your host Kirsty Dee, a self-love warrior, soon to be the author of the book Woo Wise Woman and an empowerment coach for women. I work with women to help them to love themselves and feel damn good about themselves.

Woo Wise Woman is a self- help book for women who desire to feel damn good about themselves. A no-BS approach to self-love guiding and empowering women to feel their best and to enjoy life. In a world where we are taught to fit in changing the rules changes your life. This is a book about owning your woo and living in your truth.

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Thank you for being here, may you be authentically you and create and live a life you love. 


Kirsty Dee xx

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